iPad LiveClock Themes

This is a collection of themes for LiveClock on the iPad. Since the iPad uses a slightly larger default icon size than the iPhone or iPod Touch, the existing LiveClock and associated themes will appear too small and distorted. These themes support the larger size and display correctly.

Requires Winterboard, LiveClock and MobileTimer.app installed on the iPad.

Note: To get MobileTimer.app on your iPad, use SSH or other method to copy it from the Applications folder on an iPhone. If you have an iPad2 you may install the iPad2 Clock package from the pepper.net repo.

Revision History:

  • 1.5 Added the necessary “@2x” files to support Retina (3rd and 4th generation) iPads.
  • 1.4 Added a couple of round clocks. Verified compatible with iOS6.
  • 1.2-2 Corrected the alignment of some of the hands.
  • 1.1 Renamed themes; added “original” clock; added dependencies to auto-install LiveClock and Winterboard if not already installed.
  • 1.0 Initial release.
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3 Responses to iPad LiveClock Themes

  1. avatar Éric says:

    I apreciated your hard work. Is this possible to make this theme compatible with the ipad 4 ? Thanks !

  2. avatar Please fix says:

    The theme doesn’t look retina


    iPad 4 btw

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