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Afternoon nap

I am so tired! I need a nap. (Sept 2003)

Dreaming of puppy love… (Sept 2003)

Hey! You woke me up! That was mean. (Sept 2003)

The new outfits

Mommy made me a new sweater. And to make things worse,
she made me wear it! (Sept 2003)

My new dress is pretty, don’t you think? (Dec 2002)

Christmas 2002

Why aren’t they trying to bite Santa? (Dec 2002)

This box was labeled: “includes subwoofer” (Jan 2003)

On Vacation

Vacation trips are fun! (Oct 2002)

I sat in PawPaw’s lap most of the way there. (Oct 2002)

Around the House

I’m not sure what’s out there but I want to kill it! (Oct 2002)

Kiss ME, Cary!
Sometimes I’m a couch potato, enjoying one of Mommy’s favorite
movies. We both think Cary Grant is yummy. (Oct 2002)

You expect me to eat THIS? You’ve got to be kidding. (Oct 2002)

Leave me alone!
My eye is all better now. Unfortunately Daddy is too lazy to fix the
flashbulb reflections. (Oct 2002)

Popeye: I Yam What I Yam
Ouch! A case of conjunctivitis, complicated by an ulcer on the eye
(Daddy keeps telling me to stop scratching it on the furniture!)
caused me to need surgery.  What a way to spend my first birthday!
Don’t worry, everything turned out fine! (Sep 2002)

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