Clockify Pepper Themepack (formerly “Round Clockify”)

This theme is for the Clockify app. If you don’t have Clockify, shame on you. It’s a great little program that makes the clock on the springboard show the actual time instead of just being a picture of a clock. This theme extends Clockify so that if you have a springboard theme containing non-rectangular icons (such as “MacOSX Lion”) then your clock will look better as well.

Round and partially transparent versions of the theme are included, and an Embiggen option that is recommended only for iPads (Use Embiggen plus one of the other options).

1.1b – cleaned up some spurious dots in the image.

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7 Responses to Clockify Pepper Themepack (formerly “Round Clockify”)

  1. avatar eric says:

    It seems to be the only theme that work with clockify on the ipad. Where can i download this theme ?, i don’t find it in the repo and the only one that i have found is a little pack with no big size for ipad. Thanks a lot for your hard work ! Eric

    • avatar Pepper says:

      As with all packages mentioned in these posts, you need to add the repository

      Round Clockify was replaced by Clockify Pepper Themepack. To get the same results as “Large Round” you need to select both “Round” and “Embiggen” options.

      • avatar eric says:

        I have your repository since a long time but i’m searching the Round Clockify Theme that you post on june 19 and it’s not in your repo anymore. Is there a other way to download it or is this possible for you to put it back in the repo ? Thanks in advance !

      • avatar hilary says:

        i have installed everything – clockify themepack, ipad liveclock themes, liveclock pepper dot net repo icons and all 3 themes (round, embigen and liveclock) and can’t see a clock ANYWHERE on my ipad2???? can you help?

        • avatar Pepper says:

          Unfortunately no iPad comes from Apple with the Clock app (this may change at iOS6). You need a copy of from another device before any of these themes will function. This may be available from certain nonstandard repositories, or you can use a SSH/SFTP client to copy from an iPhone or iPod.

  2. avatar eric says:

    Thanks a lot Pepper !!!

  3. avatar Lee says:

    Hi, sounds like an app I would like. I’ll see if I have success installing it. thanks for the info.

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