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OK, so it’s not exactly the download of the week. There’s not that much “really good” stuff out there but rest assured when I find something I will put it here. If there are any copyright issues please let me know.

To the best of my knowledge, Rocky first appeared as the “helpful” assistant in Microsoft (Hallmark) Greetings Workshop. It’s rumored that his dad is named “Bob.” The assistants were an experimental technology destined for the next version of Office, which reached their peak in Office 2000 and were advertised as banished forever from Office XP (they are still there). This interesting story (link broken, try bing) may shed some light on the reason Rocky mysteriously disappeared from the Office 97 update site – a trademark-infringement lawsuit alleging that Rocky is similar to a character used by another company! I don’t really think that has anything to do with it, though, since Rocky was reinstated in Office 2000.

Rocky doesn’t look exactly like Pepper, but he’s still pretty cool to have around.


Rocky the Office Assistant

At long last I have located the immensely popular “ROCKY” character for Microsoft Office 97. “If you’re stuck in a ravine, call Lassie. If you need help with Office, call Rocky.”

  • Note: This is owned by Microsoft. I don’t know why they took it off of the Office Update website. Since Microsoft originally released it as a free public download, and you have to have bought Office97 for it to work, I don’t see any problem making it available here. Somebody at Microsoft might have a different opinion (and I will of course respect their wishes), so this file could mysteriously disappear without notice. Get it while you can!

Silent Night a.k.a. The Stairwell

(Mannheim Steamroller; with narration)

Somebody at a Christian radio station on the west coast recorded and released this song which got a lot of airplay during the 2001 Christmas season. It is worth listening to.

The site hosting this file, seems to have gone away. But there is a Youtube video!

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