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Pepper the Dachzu, in memoriam 1993-2008

Pepper’s last day

May 15, 2008 – Pepper the Dachzu had gotten sick the past few weeks, some kind of infection in his digestive system. He refused to eat or drink and was basically miserable. We had to resort to feeding him baby food and water with a syringe which he didn’t like one bit.
Antibiotics helped the infection, but energy and appetite did not return. Blood testing revealed that his kidneys were failing. We learned that further treatment would be arduous – if everything went perfectly, he might gain an additional six months, likely less, and at the end would be a time of painful deterioration. We made the hard decision and took him to visit the vet for the final time this afternoon. At 5:45pm CDT today his suffering came to an end.

Pepper has been our best friend and loved us unconditionally for almost sixteen years. We will miss him terribly.

I cannot write any more right now because I cannot see through the tears.

10 Responses to Pepper

  1. avatar Equte says:

    Sorry to hear about your dog.

  2. avatar Tim Childs says:

    enjoyed reading your comment on Christianity Today website about Ron Paul.

  3. avatar ElizabethMC says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. The loss of our precious pups over the years have been the hardest of all.
    His photo is beautiful.

  4. avatar Thomas says:

    I installed that unified iPod app and video left and after uninstalling it want come back where or what can I do to fix this. Tks

  5. avatar i4640 says:

    That’s too bad.
    Really feel sorry to hear that.

  6. avatar Pepper says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments. Almost four years, still remembered fondly.

  7. I love my pets – I lost them to public corruption and criminals. My family and I are very lonely without them. I loved my dogs and my cats; I lived on a farm but now it has all been illegally usurped with the US Government’s documented corrupt blessing. I owned my home and farm outright – I’m a US Vet. We lost everything we owned but what really breaks my heart is the loss of our beloved pets. 🙁

  8. avatar ke4est says:

    I miss seeing the real pepper avatar.

    I still remember you posting about his last days at Satguys.
    Sure was sad. Your writings brought tears to my eyes.

  9. avatar Alan Seedhouse says:

    Hi, I found one of your posts regarding an in-place upgrade to Server 2012R2 that just quits. We have exactly the same issue at the moment. The log entries are the same. Did you ever get a resolution?


  10. avatar Roop Raj says:

    poor pepe. roop raj is sorry. poor pepe

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