There are a couple of versions of MobileTerminal hosted in the repository. The original 520-1 and a beta 364.3-12.

No support for either of these so you’re on your own.

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FakeClockUp (tweak)

Accelerates UIKit transition animations. While this does not actually increase the clock speed of your device, it makes it just feel faster.

This is the known stable 0.1-1 version. There are a few newer ones out that break things.

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Retrofuturist More Icons (Theme)

This package installs more application icons for the Retrofuturist theme. If you do not already have Retrofuturist, it will install automatically. Activate in Winterboard.

Most of the icons were copied from existing icons in the theme, renamed to match the apps I needed them for. These include:

  • Angry Birds
  • AptBackup
  • Banking
  • FML
  • iBooks
  • iMovie
  • iTeleport
  • Jaadu RDP
  • Kindle
  • Messenger
  • Ms PAC-MAN
  • Power88
  • SlingPlayer
  • TouchTerm
  • Tweetaholic
  • Twitter
  • wbhy

Revision History:

  • 1.0-1 Added depends on Retrofuturist.
  • 1.0 Initial release.
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Fireball 3G and 4G Themes

These Winterboard themes provide the familiar AT&T icons for 3G, 4G and LTE when you are connected to the appropriate network.

The Fireball 4G theme substitutes the 4G logo for 3G. Hey, it was good enough for AT&T marketing department!


Revision History:

  • 1.0 Initial release.
  • 1.1 Compatible with iOS5 (tested on beta 6)
  • 1.2 Now includes 4G icon for iPhone 4S (AT&T) and separate 4G icon theme for all devices.
  • 2.0 Added 4G LTE logo (blue flame), certified working on iOS6 and iPhone 5.
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