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I got an iPad. Welcome to 1990.

I’ve been a fan of computers for longer than I care to remember, since Majel Barrett (Roddenberry) was the voice of a talking computer on the Starship Enterprise. Before the days of MS-DOS. When the punch-card reader was still a … Continue reading

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This is the version of Samba found here but hosted for easy install: If you don’t know what Samba is already, best to just leave it alone.

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There are a couple of versions of MobileTerminal hosted in the repository. The original 520-1 and a beta 364.3-12. No support for either of these so you’re on your own.

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FakeClockUp (tweak)

Accelerates UIKit transition animations. While this does not actually increase the clock speed of your device, it makes it just feel faster. This is the known stable 0.1-1 version. There are a few newer ones out that break things.

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