Help for Michael’s (unofficial) Windows Phone App

I developed my app with Microsoft AppStudio, which has a few limitations. Additionally, the Weekly Ad/Coupon section of Michael’s website is poorly designed and some of the buttons do not show in the App.

When you go in the Coupon section the first time, you’ll be prompted to select a store. The page with the store info has four invisible buttons.

The button at the top right selects the current store as “your” store.

Below the store information are two buttons “Call” and “Map” and below those is a button “Change Location”

With a bit of practice you should be able to find these buttons, once a store is selected the ad and coupons should show.

If you get “stuck” in the app, hold down the back button and then close it from the task switcher.

Hopefully Michael’s will build their own official app soon so I can quit trying to fix this one.

Notice to Michael’s corporate staff and legal counsel: This app does not violate any of your copyrights or trademarks. It displays the same content as any web browser. If you are going to threaten to sue me you need to sue Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla while you are at it.

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  1. avatar Mary says:

    Thank you, thank you

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